"Women who don't wear high heels have no future. Women can't resist the temptation of a pair of beautiful shoes. When we talk about high heels, we have to mention Christian Louboutin shoes, which is a dream shoes that every woman wants to own. Sexy, confidence in the Christian Louboutin red bottom shoes has always been loved by women, on the red carpet in Hollywood stars gathered, you can see Lady Gaga, Sarah Jessica Parker, Angelina Jolie of which big stars such as foot stepped on it; It can be seen in luxury hotels. The craftsmanship of the design is full of the beautiful French elements.

So what kind of man can understand a woman's heart and to make the dream shoes?. Christian Louboutin Outlet was born in 1963 and grew up in an ordinary family of workers, since the age of 13,he was attracted to the world of nightlife clubs immersed in dancing and singing and dancing performers make his cognitive deepening of the fashion world, he chose to give up his studies and work in a nightclub while seeking the development of the footwear design. At the age of 16, Christian Louboutin produced the first pair of dancing shoes, Fortunately, with unique talent and creativity, Christian Louboutin eventually became a household name designer. In 1992, he finally set up his own brand of company, and was popular once available. At the beginning of the brand was founded,Cheap Christian Louboutin has been trying to find their own landmark design and hard thinking, just look at the unique details you can remember. Occasionally, he saw the female assistant is nail polish to his feet, eye-catching and bright red immediately became a creative inspiration, he had the inspiration to apply red nail polish on the heels. "The red sole is like a shoe smeared with lipstick, plus exposed toes, it is extremely sexy," here is a signature signature, coupled with the classic 120 mm heel, from this touch of sexy ecstasy red became Christian Louboutin high heels iconic design. Soon, this wipe the red popular in the world, the royal nobility, especially the big stars to join so that Christian Louboutin famous. Red sole seems to have a kind of magic, so exquisite delicate woman's heart, but also make a woman show confidence and sexy in front of men. Any woman through his shoes will fall into a comfortable feeling, and he is used in the design of contrasting express their ideas. Slender high-heeled, red sole is Christian Louboutin shoes label, his experimental art and design in the field of leather shoes is also unique. You may say that with such a high how to try on the shoes?

Actually, in addition to outside Daffodile ultra high heels,Cheap Christian Louboutin Outlet has both handsome and charming style red bottom shoes So Kate style, red bottom shoes inside the most Simple is the most basic Simple Pump joker, shoe tree appears slightly rounded point design, it has approachable 85 mm heel height, So both in daily leisure and attend the activity is very suitable for, can control the different style, common female star wearing at home and abroad. Recently, Simple Pump has also introduced a modified version of the New Simple Pump, which is different from the previous design, with slightly more thickness and more comfortable wear. Therefore, it is recommended to wear Simple Pump.

Red shoes are the symbol of women. They have heard the words of women: "women don't wear red shoes, which is simply not what fashion is." Yes, women have to wear red shoes for fashion. Then, women in red shoes stand out from a pile of uncharacteristic women. Such a woman is bright and cheerful, let a person be infatuated with her glamour more. So say, a pair of red bottom shoe, highlight a woman's whole manner, her facial expression, gait, a raise a hand to throw all to be in the control of red bottom shoe.

Think of it, a woman dressed in Replica red bottom shoes, staggered walk down the street, will step on to life has a rhyme, this is what a feast for the eyes.